feeling low tonight

you don’t want me as much anymore

i can feel it

or maybe it’s just me?

am i paranoid?

i can’t lose you

you’re all i have that creates a distance between me and my burdens

i need you

i love you 


i feel so sad, so crushed, so scared

resorting to the only things i know 

i’ll see you with a sore throat and tender wrists


in the most self destructive mood tonight, was so close to giving up

infact i have no reason to hold on anymore

this isn’t living this is torture


why do i let myself feel the pain of always being the one who loves more…


that one thing…

As much as i like you already and as much as i think this could be wonderful, your constant naivity&ignorance to my insecurities is killing me. Yes that size zero, big breasted girl is beautiful, i just wish you thought i was too.

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